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Chairman and Expert

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) M.Sc (Disaster Mitigation), MBA (HRD)

Served about 38 years as a Senior Management possessing extensive group management expertise, streamlining operations and optimizing staff performance to drive successful execution of projects, revenue growth across large scale consultancy enterprise. Secures and strengthens lucrative partnership, identifying and capitalizing on organization growth opportunities with notable achievements in development Water Resources, Irrigation, Infrastructure, Hydro-Power and business development in related fields. Confident and adept decision maker, responding to problems with finesse and maturity to integrate effective control mechanisms. Strategies operation with company vision and client objectives, achieving best practice and economically execution of projects. List of following Experts are available as per project requirement.

Our Supporting Experts

Sl. NO. Name Location Expertise
1. Mahaveer Chand Bangalore (India) Industrial & Fabrication Work
2. Suresh Jain Bangalore Institutional Expert
3. Sachin Srivastava Alwar, Rajasthan (India) Social Worker
4. Saket Sinha Delhi (India) Media Expert
5. Swapan Kumar Das Kolkata (India) Flood Expert
6. Brajmohan Pal Delhi (India) Agriculture Expert
7. Suraj Raina Delhi (India) Film Making
8. Kishore Sharma Delhi (India) Reporter
9. M.K Srivastana Ranchi (India) Management Expert
10. C S Sharma Surat (India) Irrigation Expert
11. Harish Amabla North Coroline (USA) Software Expert
12. Anil Kumar Sinha Indore (India) Networking Expert
13. Uday Guha Raipur (India) Software Expert
14. Pawan Kumar Indore (India) Environmental Expert
15. Naresh Lal Indore (India) Rehabilitation Expert
16. Anup Kumar Patna (India) Building & Infrastructure
17. Depankar Saha Delhi (India) Ground Water Planing
18. K K Singh Lucknow (India) Ground Water Planing
19. R.K. Tiwari Delhi (India) Agriculture Engineering
20. Kumar Ambitave Ghaziabad (India) Solar Power Expert
21. Vinod Kumar Ghaziabad (India) Waste Water Treatment
22. B.R Yadav Delhi (India) Agriculture Economist
23. S P Singh Delhi (India) Dam & Hydro-power Expert
24. Suresh Singh Patna (India) Inter-linking of River
25. B.K Gupta Patna (India) Irrigation & Flood Management
26. B.S Verma Patna (India) Water Resources
27. Manoranjan Sinha Patna (India) Geo-Technical Expert
28. Dr. Romila Verma Toronto (Canada) Hydrology Expert
29. A.G Dharmraj Bangalore (India) Transport Expert
30. Aghosh K Sinha Ghazipur (India) Agriculture Marketing
31. Dhananjay Kumar Delhi (India) Design Expert
32. V.K Gulati Gurgaon (India) Auto-CAD Expert
33. Karan Singh Bhambara Canada SAP Expert
34. S.P Singh California (USA) Hydro-Power Expert