Our Services

SEA CREATIVE LLC offers consulting services throughout globe on matters that involve
advertising, liaison, sales and marketing, technology, water resources, energy, environmental,
agriculture and human resources to the new projects as well as restoration projects. Our
engineering teams are highly qualified with experience and provide all type of consultancies. The
environmental consulting services and remediation services throughout the globe that includes
impact assessment study and environmental study of water and energy systems. Our
Advertisement and IT development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site
and providing media support for business development.

Water Resources

  • Hydro-logical network design and installation
  • Hydro-logical analyses
  • Basin level water resources evaluation
  • Regional water quality analysis
  • Development of national, regional and basin water resources.
  • Consensus and development of groundwater.
  • Feasibility studies for dams, hydro-power, irrigation and water supply projects
  • Design and operation of hydro-metric and regional groundwater monitoring networks
  • Water point/source surveys
  • Community participation and stakeholder interaction
  • Development of integrated water resources management programs
  • Assessment of regional and local groundwater resources.
  • Pre-development regional groundwater resource evaluation and sustainability assessment
  • Development of conceptual groundwater flow models
  • Design and implementation of aquifer pumping tests
  • Groundwater pollution studies
  • Management, development and monitoring of well fields and major aquifers
  • Development of groundwater and well-field monitoring and management plans



  • Excellent business development skill.
  • Hydro-Power planning & Execution.
  • Irrigation project including canal planning & management.
  • Master plan for Flood mitigation.
  • Preparation of DPR for water resource project.
  • Preparation of Technical & Financial Bidding.
  • Project planning & management
  • Inter-basin water transfer schemes.
  • Human Resources development.
  • Project execution including man power planning.
  • Siltation problem in reservoir & canal.


  • Feasibility study for hydro-power project, solar projects etc.
  • Hydropower project planning from concept to commissioning including hydrological study
  • Infrastructure development.
  • Power potential study

Environmental Study

  • Strategic environmental assessments
  • Environmental impact assessment studies
  • Development of health and safety plans
  • Development of environmental management and monitoring plans
  • Environmental audits
  • Environmental monitoring design and installation
  • Determination of environmental flow requirements
  • Pollution sources evaluation


  • Sourcing and Compilation of Data
  • Preliminary Studies Based on Available Data
  • Field Surveys and Investigations
  • Preliminary Resources and Demand Surveys and Investigations
  • Preliminary Soil Investigations and Mapping
  • Pre-feasibility Studies, Comparing Alternatives and Formulation of Viable Project Concept
  • Agronomic and Agro-economic Surveys
  • Soil and Land Classification Surveys.
  • Crop water study.
  • Service in organic farming
  • Tissue culture

Media & IT Development

  • Digital Marketing
  • E Commerce
  • ERP
  • Hosting
  • Mobile Application
  • Software Development
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Web Design
  • Web Development